Top 10 Bloggers in India: Blog, Niche, income & Career

In this article, we will explore the top 10 bloggers in India along with their most popular blogs in india, shedding light on their income, blog names, niches, and more to provide a comprehensive understanding about who is the best blogger in India.

Blogging has evolved significantly from its early days as a platform for personal expression. There are over 600 million blogs worldwide, and bloggers publish over 2.5 billion posts each year, averaging over 7.5 million daily. Today, blogging is a powerful communication tool and a lucrative profession, thanks to the rise of the Internet and social media.

Bloggers use this platform to share thoughts, experiences, and expertise with a global audience, covering diverse domains from technology to food. In this article, we’ll delve into the growth of blogging as a profession, highlighting the success stories of the top 10 bloggers in India and detailing their incomes.

Top 10 Bloggers in India

1. Amit Agarwal:

  • Description: Amit Agarwal, India’s biggest blogger, is an IIT Roorkee Computer Science graduate who founded Digital Inspiration in 2004, becoming India’s first full-time tech blogger. His expertise in social media, mobile apps, and productivity tools makes him a legend on the list of top Indian bloggers. He is also called India’s no 1 blogger who motivated thousands of youth to become a successful blogger.
  • Publications: The Wall Street Journal, CNBC TV18, The Hindustan Times.
  • Website: Digital Inspiration
  • Income: $80,000 per month.

2. Harsh Agarwal:

  • Description: Delhi-based engineer Harsh Agarwal started ShoutMeLoud in 2008 to educate beginners in blogging and online marketing. His blogs cover SEO, Digital Marketing, WordPress, and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Other Websites: WPhostingDiscount, WPSutra, ShoutMeTech, CoinSutra.
  • Website: ShoutMeLoud
  • Income: $60,000 per month.

3. Faisal Farooqui:

  • Description: Faisal Farooqui, a technology entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of, focusing on honest product reviews. Nominated as a top business figure, he provides valuable consumer insights.
  • Website: MouthShut
  • Income: $50,434 per month.

4. Shradha Sharma:

  • Description: Shradha Sharma, CEO of YourStory, started her blogging platform in 2008, dedicated to young entrepreneurs. With over 15K stories and 1.6M Facebook followers, YourStory is a top platform for entrepreneurs in India.
  • Website: YourStory
  • Income: $80,000 per month.

5. Ashish Sinha:

  • Description: Ashish Sinha, a product geek from IIT and IIM, is the founder of NextBigWhat. He covers various business topics, providing reviews, tips, and insights to support Indian consumers.
  • Website: NextBigWhat
  • Income: $20,000 per month.

6. Arnab Ray:

  • Description: Arnab Ray, known as GreatBong, is a novelist, blogger, and podcaster. His blogs cover politics, society, and culture, with a sarcastic take on the Indian film industry and society.
  • Website: GreatBong

7. Malini Agarwal:

  • Description: Malini Agarwal founded MissMalini in 2008, a celebrity blog focusing on Bollywood, fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle. What started as a hobby has become one of India’s best blogs.
  • Website: MissMalini
  • Income: $50,000 per month.

8. Nandhini Shenoy:

  • Description: Nandhini Shenoy, a Software Engineer turned entrepreneur, founded PinkVilla. The blog covers Bollywood news, movie reviews, and gossip, attracting millions of readers globally.
  • Website: PinkVilla
  • Income: $15,000 per month.

9. Ankit Singla:

  • Description: Ankit Singla founded MasterBlogging, which guides bloggers and online marketers. With over 12 years of experience, he has built a successful six-figure business through his blog.
  • Website: Master Blogging with Ankit Singla

10. Srinivas Tamada:

  • Description: Srinivas Tamada, a Chennai-based tech blogger, founded 9Lessons. He is a specialist in programming and web technologies. His blog is a valuable resource for tech enthusiasts aspiring to become developers.
  • Website: 9Lessons
  • Income: $16,000 per month.

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Top 10 Bloggers in India Income Table:

RankBloggerWebsiteIncome (per month)
1Amit AgarwalDigital Inspiration$80,000
2Harsh AgarwalShoutMeLoud$60,000
3Faisal FarooquiMouthShut$50,434
4Shradha SharmaYourStory$80,000
5Ashish SinhaNextBigWhat$20,000
6Arnab RayGreatBong$30,000
7Malini AgarwalMissMalini$50,000
8Nandhini ShenoyPinkVilla$15,000
9Ankit SinglaMaster Blogging with Ankit Singla$50,000
10Srinivas Tamada9Lessons$16,000

These best indian bloggers have made significant contributions to the Indian blogging landscape, showcasing diverse talents and influencing various niches. Their high-quality content has made them famous bloggers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is Niche Categories of Top Bloggers in India?

Answer: Cover diverse areas, including technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and entertainment.

Question: What Makes Bloggers Successful and Influential?

Answer: High-quality content, expertise sharing, effective marketing, and audience engagement contribute to their success.

Question: What is the Earnings sources of Top Bloggers in India?

Answer: Earnings from advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.

Question: What is the Evolution of the Indian Blogging Industry?

Answer: Blogging gained popularity after 2005, becoming a preferred profession for millennials seeking flexibility and financial freedom. The growth of digital media and social platforms has empowered individuals to share their thoughts and ideas through blogging.

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